Rp 65,000.
Rp 55,000.
Rp 40,000.
Nasi Goreng ala Temptations

A delicious seafood combination served with angel-hair noodles in a mild curry broth.

Rp 58,000.
Rp 70,000.
Rp 45,000.
Rp 220,000.
Rp 55,000.

All prices shown exclude 10% Government tax and 5% Service Charge. Take-away orders do not incur Service Charge.

Rp 50,000.

Fresh Tuna melt in Ciabatta bread served with french fries.





Rp 68,000.

Full Power Breakfast.

3 Lamb medallions served with mint butter, mashed potato, green vegetables and gravy

Rp 65,000.
Rp 40,000.

English muffins, hash browns, beef bacon, sausages, eggs and tomato..

Home-made beef patty served on a round hoagie bun with fried egg, tomato, lettuce, our special dressing and french fries.

Penne pasta, cheese and fresh yellow-fin Tuna casserole (Baked)

Great blend of creamy yogurt, wild berries and crunchy granola


Pan fried white snapper, tomato, lettuce, tartare sauce in a charcoal bun served with french fries.

Rp 135,000.
Rp 28,000.

Chicken Breast, Indian spices, butter, cream, onions and tomatos served with steamed rice or Naan bread..

Caramelized Apple & Cinnamon
Salmon Scramble
Rp 38,000.


Granola Parfait


Other Breakfast Options.

Pot of wedges served with spicy sour cream..

Chocolate & Strawberries
Marinated Tuna Salad

A popular alternative to the beef philly is a chicken version without changing any of the other ingredients.

Rp 75,000.
Potato Wedges
Pita Pocket Sandwich
Rp 58,000.
Crispy Skin Salmon
Rump (Aust) 250 grams



Prawn & Avocado Salad

Two eggs fried sunny side up served on white or multigrain toast with sausages and house made pan fried potatoes.

Roasted Chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, .soft boiled egg, home-made Caesar dressing topped with garlic croutons and shaved Parmesan.

Rp 80,000.
Fish and Chips
Rp 110,000.
Eggs Sunny Side Up

A stack of pancakes served with your choice of toppings (all served with maple syrup or honey).

A delightful steak with typically less marbling than Rib-eye. Very popular on the grill the striploinis tender and flavoursome.

Rp 30,000.
Rp 80,000.
Seafood Laksa

Choose your own fillings (3) to compliment your Sourdough Toasted Sandwich. Each sandwich comes with a unique combination of cheese, cauliflower pickle and a side serving of french fries.

Choose any three of the folling fillings

​Tomato, Onion, Chicken, Beef Salami, Avocado, Corned Beef or Tuna


Beef Nachos

Imported beef, cheddar, mozzarella, and caramelized onions served on a home baked Hoagie bun accompanied with a fresh salad

Blueberry & Banana

Deep fried breaded chicken, light coleslaw, lettuce and spicy mayo served with french fries.

Rib eye is a very flavourful cut which comes with rich marbling which enhances taste when cooked. 

Three farm fresh eggs served with white or multigrain toast

Black-pepper Beef Stir-fry

​​​breakfast choices

Fried noodles combined with vegetables, prawns, chicken and fried egg

Rp 58,000.
Baked Croissant Sandwich

Fried rice combined with vegetables, prawns, chicken and fried egg

Rp 40,000.
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Mie Goreng ala Temptations
Rp 60,000.
Fish Tacos
Penne Pasta Tuna Bake

Our special nachos topped with beef, beans and cheese served with salsa, guacamole, jalapenos and sour cream..

Rp 70,000.
Fried Chicken Burger
Fish Black Burger
Prawn Stir-fry
Rp 46,000.
Avocado Toast
Lamb Medallions
Classic Scramble

Two Beef Hot-dogs, mashed potato, caramelized onions, green peas served with gravy and a home-made mustard..

Tailor-make your own 24 or 30cm Pizza from the list of toppings provided.

Rp 22,000.
Three Egg Omelette
Braised Oxtail Soup
Pancake Stack

Six mini chicken wings served with home-made chilli and ginger dip.

Potato: Mashed, Wedges, Potato salad or French fries

Sauces: Brown Gravy, Black Pepper, Red wine, Garlic mustard, Blue cheese or Bernaise

Three mini tortillas with breaded white snapper, onion, lettuce and drizzled with a garlic wasabe mayo combination

Imported Oxtail and vegetables braised over many hours in a lean light broth served with white rice and prawn crackers

Chicken Caesar Salad
Rp 45,000.

Salmon, risotto and mozzarella balls coated with fresh breadcrumbs and served with a curry aioli...

Served with tomato, cucumber, cheese, lettuce and our special dressing

Oxtail Rawon
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Philly Chicken Sandwich (Hot)
Rib-eye bone-out (Aust) 250 grams


Rp 60,000.

Three farm fresh eggs scrambled with smoked salmon served with white or multigrain toast

Rib eye is a very flavourful cut which comes with rich marbling which enhances taste when cooked. 

Chilli Carne Dog

Served with fresh green garden salad leaves, a combination of seeds, cheese, crispy croutons and our secret dressing.

Rib eye is a very flavourful cut which comes with rich marbling which enhances taste when cooked. Grilling with the bone in adds a delightful touch to the flavour.

Rp 58,000.
Rp 58,000.

Fresh white Snapper served with french fries and tartar sauce

Omelette (Cheese & Tomato) served with home fried potatoes and white or multigrain toast.

Capcay is an Indonesian style chop suey originating from Fujian cuisine, served with steamed rice. Choose your preferred style:

Rp 28,000.

Halloumi,  Feta, Cucumber, Black Olives, Red Onions, Paprika and Tomato mixed in a herb & olive dressing..


Served with mashed potato, fresh asparagus, white bean salad and garlic aioli


Prawn & Avocado
Rp 68,000.
Temptations Beef Burger
Rp 65,000.

Croissant stuffed with chicken breast, finely sliced peppers, and baked with Greek yogurt, egg and a cheese combo.

Rp 65,000.
Rib-eye bone-in (Aust) 400 grams
Hot Dog and Mash
Tuna Melt

Beef Hot Dog served with a tasty chilli con carne sauce in a hoagie bun with salad and cheese. Served with french fries.

Rp 190,000.
Rp 60,000.

Rp 45,000

Rp 50,000

Rp 50,000

Rp 40.000

Rp 45,000.
Rp 58,000.
Rp 40,000.

Sauteed slices of beef, asparagus, and a selection of green vegetables accompanied with steamed rice.

Rp 40,000.
Rp 70,000.
Spicy Chicken Nibbles

Fresh prawns, sliced avocado, cheese, a collection of green leaf salads, home-baked croutons & our secret dressing.

USA Prime Striploin


Rp 60,000.

Tomatoes, carrots, paprika, minced beef served with fresh parmasan.


When it comes to steak those who value flavour above all else tend to choose rump. Even though rump will not be as tender as striploin or rib-eye it will more than make up for it in flavour.

Rp 45,000.
Rp 50,000.
Rp 62,000.
Rp 150,000.

Fresh baguette garlic bread with roasted garlic butter topped with mozzarella and provolone cheese and drizzled with basil oil. Served with a pizza dipping sauce...

Toasted muffin topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs and a decadent serving of house-made hollandaise sauce

Temptations Restaurant, Café, Bakery & Pantry.

Philly Steak Sandwich (Hot)
Rp 65,000.
Fried Salmon Arancini Balls
Rp 95,000.
Grilled Halloumi & Greek Salad
Rp 80,000.
Tuna (Fresh not canned)
Beef Wrap
Spaghetti Bolognaise ala Temptations

Creamy Avocado served on toast with a sprinkling of olive oil, lemon juice and cracked black pepper (2 slices).

Eat Java style Oxtail in a black soup served with white rice and traditional condiments

Indonesian Favourites.

Build your own Pizza

  • Beef Chorizo
  • Beef Salami
  • Onions
  • Black Olives
  • Jalapenos
  • Anchovies
  • Basil
  • Bell Peppers.

Spaghetti noodles, prawns and an array of fresh vegetables stir-fried ala minute

24 cm Pizza

3 Toppings - Rp 55,000

4 Toppings - Rp 60,000

30 cm Pizza

3 Toppings - Rp 65,000

4 Toppings - Rp 70,000

Additional Toppings

24 cm - Rp 5,000

30 cm - Rp10,000

Extra Cheese

​Rp 10,000

Rp 65,000.
Indian Spicy Butter Chicken

Grilled Chicken - served with Avocado, Humous, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese and a side serving of potato wedges.

Vegetarian Haloumi - served with Olives, Tapanade, Lettuce, Tomato and a side serving of potato wedges.

Two slices of toast (white or multigrain) served with butter and jam or marmalade.

Rp 65,000.
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Chicken, romaine lettuce, tomato and red cheddar cheese in a tortilla wrap sprinkled with a home-made Caesar dressing and served with french fries.

​​all day dining

Hoagie Bun Sandwich (Cold)

Braised Beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayonnaise wrapped in tortilla bread and served with french fries.

Rp 55,000.

Grilled BBQ Steak.

Toast & Jam